In Search of an Army

As our world develops at hyper-speed, our interactions with one another are becoming more and more virtual, thus stripping us of humanity’s greatest achievement, which is awareness.

This is because the most integral and profound element of our awareness is free will, and free will is predicated on choices, choices which do not exist if machinery is making them for us.

However, our greatest weapon against the degradation of human dignity is our awareness of technology’s deceptive promise. And through such awareness is a realization of the true potential of being human. This book asks you to join the global conversation about the true nature of our fear driven pursuit of technology.

Join those who have come to understand that this book’s message has the potential to create a unity so powerful that it will leave our children proud of what it means to be human, and arm them to be defenders of human dignity. 

In Search of an Army by Michael Howell

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