MichaelAt the age of 20 and after two years of college, author Michael Howell choose to find his purpose and drop out of college by isolating himself in the arid brush country of west Texas. In an old farm house located near a spring fed oasis that once served as a stagecoach stop, he began a philosophical journey towards the realizations expressed in a book written some twenty six years later. There, in peaceful isolation, the concepts of early academia began to digest into an abstract purpose. Thirsty for understanding, Michael returned to college and spent the remainder of his twenties drifting in and out of four different universities in search of something so profound that he would end up dedicating his life to it.

The son of two scientists, Michael grew up in a world where everything was explainable. As such he has spent his life in search of understanding what it was he was being asked to participate in. What Michael discovered was the realization that the very thing we are being asked to compete for is something that has the potential to be a tangible replacement for God.

At the core of the human spirit is a thread of free will that is being threatened by an ever-developing, machine-based world. Michael claims that it’s not something to fear however, but it is time to ask a very important question; “Where are we going with all of this technology if not to replace God?”

Michael holds two degrees from the University of North Texas in fine arts and psychology. He also attended East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas State University in San Marcus and the University of Texas at Arlington. Michael is a certified tower climber and currently climbs radio towers for a high speed internet company – witnessing first hand the ever growing dependency on technology.

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